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Strategic Tourism Planning Board

The Strategic Tourism Planning Board is an advisory board to the Tompkins County Legislature. Its mission is to provide oversight and strategic direction for tourism initiatives that promote economic development and enhance the quality of life in Tompkins County. 

The STPB typically meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 3:00 to 5:00 PM. If you plan to attend, please confirm the date, time, and place of the next meeting by contacting the Tourism Program director by email or 607-274-5560.

Online meetings of the STPB are conducted on Zoom. Access instructions for each meeting are included in the agenda.

STPB Member Support

STPB Membership

Brett Bossard Chair, Arts-Culture
Doug Levine Vice Chair, Arts-Culture
Laura Winter Falk At-Large
Richard Floyd TC3
Josh Friedman Arts-Culture
Jeff Golden Ithaca College
Alexis Zaharis Grimm Lodging
Ken Jupiter At-Large
Jenna Kain Lodging
Kelly Makosch Recreation
Rick Manning At-Large
Greg Mezey At-Large
Bethany Parisi Arts-Culture
Barbara Romano Cornell University
Monika Roth Agriculture
Steve Stull Arts-Culture
Teri Tarsus At-Large
Marian Levy Ware At-Large
Vacant At-Large
Megan Barber Community Arts Partnership, Non-Voting
Peggy Coleman Convention & Visitors Bureau, Non-Voting
Nan Rohrer Downtown Ithaca Alliance, Non-Voting
Mike Sigler County Legislature, Non-Voting
Heather McDaniel Ithaca Area Economic Development, Non-Voting
Jennifer Tavares Chamber of Commerce, Non-Voting
Frank Doldo Transportation, Non-Voting
Michael Miller Associate Member
Jon Reis Associate Member
Wylie Schwartz Associate Member
Chuck Tauck Associate Member
Nick Helmholdt 员工
Kristin McCarthy 员工

STPB Meeting Agendas and Minutes

2024 Agendas 2024 Minutes 2024 Presentations
1月 1月  
2月 2月  
3月 3月  
4月 4月  
5月 5月  
6月 6月  
7月 7月  
8月 8月  
9月 9月  
10月 10月  
11月 11月  
12月 12月  
2023 Agendas 2023 Minutes 2023 Presentations
1月 1月 CVB Q4 2022 Report
2月 2月 Ithaca Tompkins International Airport
3月 3月 2022 CVB Annual Report
4月 4月 CVB Q1 2023 Report
5月 5月  
6月 6月 Downtown Ithaca Ambassadors and Tompkins Festivals 
July [cancelled] July [cancelled]


8月 8月 

2023 Annual Report: Community Beautification Program

9月 9月 2023 Annual Report: Community Arts Partnership
10月 10月  
11月 11月  
12月 12月  
2022 Agendas 2022 Minutes 2022 Presentations
1月 1月  
2月 2月  
3月 3月 2021 CVB Annual Report
4月 4月 Downtown Ithaca Ambassadors Program
5月 5月  
6月 6月  
7月 7月

2022 Annual Report: Community Beautification Program

CVB Mid-Year Report

August [cancelled]  August [cancelled]  
9月 9月 2022 Annual Report: Community Arts Partnership
10月 10月  
11月 11月 Update: Ithaca Downtown Conference Center Construction
12月 12月  

Agendas and minutes from 2021 and earlier are available upon request.