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County Administration Administrative Policy Manual: Section 1

 Section 01:     ADMINISTRATION  
No. عنوان السيارة (اللقب)
01-04 Revising the Administrative Manual: The Policies and Procedures of Tompkins County Government
01-06 Public Access to Records (FOIL)
01-08 Dues, Memberships, Subscriptions
01-15 State Aid Reimbursement
01-19 Emergency Action Plan
01-23 Tobacco-Free Workplace
01-24 Drug-Free Workplace
01-28 Use of County-Owned Vehicles
01-30 General Business Hours for Tompkins County Government Offices and Departments
01-32 Naming of County Property
01-40 Public Statements About County Business
01-42 Closing, Suspension, or Modification of County Operations on an Emergency Basis
01-43 Diversity and Inclusion
01-45 Language Access & Language Assistance
01-46 Flying of Flags at County Buildings
01-47 Administration and Maintenance of Naloxone by County Employees
01-48 Service Animals
01-49 Public Notification of Construction Activities
01-51 Alcohol-Free Workplace
01-52 Departmental Use and Administration of Social Media
01-54 Center for History & Culture Tenant and Lease Policy
01-55 Publication of County Data
01-56 Donated Goods & Services