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County Administration Administrative Policy Manual: Section 2

No. عنوان السيارة (اللقب)
02-01 Creating New Positions, Reclassifying Existing Positions, Increasing or Decreasing Hours of Positions, and Appeal Process
02-02 Recruiting Employees
02-04 Hiring and Processing New Employees
02-07 Employment of Relatives
02-09 Separation and Reinstatement of County Employees
02-10 Outside Employment of County Employees


Employment Application Records
02-13 Disciplinary Action or Discharge Procedure
02-14 Evaluating Employee Performance
02-15 Personnel Records
02-17 Interns, Work-Study Students, and Volunteers
02-37 Use of Vehicles for County Business
02-41 Prohibition of Weapons, Explosives, and Firearms on County Property
02-42 Sexual Harassment Prevention
02-43 Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
02-44 Reasonable Accommodations
02-46 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
02-47 Lactation Accommodations