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General Description of Duties:
Probation Officers are responsible for providing Diversion services for youth, supervision of youth and adults placed or sentenced to probation by the courts and completing investigations for the courts to assist in sentencing recommendations. The protection of the community is paramount and is balanced with the rehabilitation of the youth or offender. Reducing recidivism and preventing further community victimization is key. Probation Officers are required to become knowledgeable in the area of criminogenic needs and to make referrals for services in the community as appropriate. Probation Officers must become competent in understanding issues related to family functioning, substance abuse, sexual abuse/victimization, domestic violence and mental illness.

Probation Officers are called upon to employ evidence based practice initiatives to assess and engage probationers, to use sound professional judgment and to conduct themselves in an ethical manner at all times . A Probation Officer works under the general supervision of a higher ranked employee of the department.

The Probation Officer title requires a Bachelor's Degree and two years of casework counseling experience. A civil service exam must also be passed in order to qualify for the position.

How to Apply:
If you are interested in employment as a Probation Officer, an application for employment must be submitted with the Tompkins County Personnel Office located at 125 East Court Street, Ithaca, NY 14850. Once the application has been approved by Personnel for meeting the qualifications of the title, you will be notified of the date of the civil service exam date. It is important that you keep your application current with the Personnel Department.