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Tompkins County Roads

(* = Letter designation for internal use, only.)

Adams Road, CR131A, Newfield Depot Road to Shaffer Road

Asbury Road, CR108A*, Rt. 34 to West Dryden Road

Bald Hill Road, CR126, Comfort Road (Town Section) to Rt. 96B

Besemer Road, CR175, Brooktondale Road to Rt. 79

Black Oak Road, CR136B*, Connecticut Hill Road to Rt. 79

Boiceville Road, CR114, Rt. 79 to Valley Road

Bostwick Road, CR137, Rt. 13A to South Applegate Road

Brickyard Road, CR159B*, Rt. 34B @ Church Road to Bridge

Brooktondale Road, CR115B*, Rt. 79 to Old Brooktondale Road

Brown Road, CR124, Warren Road to Rt. 13

Burns Road, CR116, Coddington Road to Rt. 79

Caroline Depot Road, CR113C*, White Church Road to Coddington Road

Caswell Road, CR166, Rt. 34B to West Dryden Road

Cayuga Drive, CR156C, Rt. 34B to Milliken Station Road

Cayuta Road, CR135, Rt. 13 to Schuyler County Line

Central Chapel Road, CR115C*, Boiceville Road to Old 76 Road

Champlin Road, CR103A, Rt. 222 to Cayuga County Line

Chipman Corners Road, CR171, Rt. 38 to Cayuga County Line

Church Street, CR180C*, Cemetery Lane to School Street

Cobb Street, CR101, Rt. 34B to Town of Groton Line & Buck Road to Cayuga County Line

Coddington Road, CR119, Rt. 96B to Ithaca City Line & Ithaca City Line to Tioga County Line

Comfort Road, CR128C, Rt. 96B to Gunderman Road

Conlon Road, CR186, Rt. 34B to Rt. 34

Connecticut Hill Road, CR136C*, Trumbulls Corners Road to Black Oak Road

Dubois Road, CR140, Kraft Road to Rt. 96

Ellis Hollow Road, CR110EH*, Pine Tree Road to Ellis Hollow Creek Road

Ellis Hollow Creek Road, CR164EC*, Ringwood Road to Ellis Hollow Road

Etna Lane, CR109EL*, Rt. 13 to Upper Creek Road @ Bridge

Etna Road, CR109ER*, Upper Creek Road to Hanshaw Road

Fall Creek Road, CR105FC*, Freeville Village Line to Peruville Road

Farrell Road, CR108F, Warren Road to Dryden Town Line

Fenner Road, CR189, Lansingville Road to Rt. 34B

Flat Iron Road, CR117A, Harford Road to Rt. 79

Game Farm Road, CR173, Rt. 366 to Ellis Hollow Road

Groton City Road, CR103G*, Rt. 222 to Champlin Road

Gulf Hill Road, CR106, School Street to Rt. 13

Gunderman Road, CR128G*, Comfort Road to Jersey Hill Road

Halseyville Road, CR170, Rt. 96 to Rt. 79

Hanshaw Road, CR109H*, Cayuga Heights Village Line to Etna Road

Hanshaw Road, CR182H, Etna Road to West Dryden Road

Harford Road, CR117, Rt. 79 to Tioga County Line & Tioga County Line to Cortland County Line

Hayts Road, CR139, Halseyville Road to Rt. 96

Hillview Road, CR187, Rt. 34/96 to Michigan Hollow Road

Hillview Road SouthSpur, CR187S, Rt. 34/96 to Hillview Road

Hinman Road, CR103B, Groton City Road to Cayuga County Line

Hornbrook Road, CR123H*, Rt. 96B to Nelson Road

Iradell Road, CR177, Rt. 96 to Waterburg Road

Iradell Road Extension, CR177A, Iradell Road to Krums Corners Road

Irish Settlement Road, CR162A, Midline Road to Rt. 13

Jacksonville Road, CR143J*, Iradell Road @ Enfield Town Line to Falls Road

Jerry Smith Road, CR184, Rt. 34B to Lansingville Road

Jersey Hill Road, CR128J*, Gunderman Road to Comfort Road

King Road East, CR179, Rt. 96B to Coddington Road

Kraft Road, CR145, Jacksonville Road to Rt. 89

Krums Corners Road, 141, Dubois Road to Iradell Road

Lafayette Road, CR180, Church Street / Cemetery Lane to Rt. 222

Lake Ridge Road, CR185, Rt. 34B to Cayuga County Line

Lansingville Road, CR155, Rt. 34B to Cayuga County Line

Lick Street, CR169L*, Peruville Road to South Main Street Ext.

Locke Road, CR154, Rt. 34 to Cayuga County Line

Lounsbery Road, CR113L*, Old Brooktondale Road to Rt. 79

Ludlowville Road, CR159L*, Bridge to Rt. 34B (north end)

McLean-Cortland Road, CR105MC*, Gulf Hill Road to Cortland County Line

Michigan Hollow Road, CR187M, Hillview Road to Tioga County Line

Midline Road, CR162, Ringwood Road to Rt. 79

Mill Road, CR115M, Old 76 Road to Tioga County Line (northeast direction)

Millard Hill Road, CR134, Trumbulls Corners Road to Rt. 13

Mitchell Street Extension, CR110M*, Ithaca City Line to Pine Tree Road

Neimi Road, CR182N*, Hanshaw Road to Sheldon Road

Nelson Road, CR123N*, Hornbrook Road to Troy Road

Newfield Depot Road, CR130, Main Street to Rt. 34/96

North Road, CR163, Fall Creek Road to Rt. 13

North Applegate Road, CR143NAP*, Rt. 79 to Iradell Road @ Ullyses Town Line

North Lansing School Road, CR100N*, Rt. 34 to Groton Town Line

North Triphammer Road, CR122T*, Lansing Village Line to Rt. 34

Old 76 Road, CR115OLD*, Central Chapel Road to Mill Road @ Spur

Old Brooktondale Road, CR113A, Brooktondale Road to Lounsbery Road

Old Peruville Road, CR107A, Peruville Road to Rt. 34B

115 Spur, CR115S, Old 76 Road to Tioga County Line (south direction)

Perry City Road, CR142, Schuyler County Line to Rt. 89

Peruville Road, CR107, School Street to Rt. 38

Pine Tree Road, CR174J*, Ellis Hollow Road to Rt. 366

Pine Tree Road, CR174P*, Ellis Hollow Road to Rt. 79

Pleasant Grove Road, CR122PG*, Forest Home Drive to Cayuga Heights Village Line

Pleasant Valley Road, CR153PV*, Cobb Street to Smith Road

Pleasant Valley Road, CR178PV*, Smith Road to Old Peruville Road

Podunk Road, CR146, Rt. 79 to Waterburg Road @ South Street Ext.

Portland Point Road, CR150, Cement Plant Gate to Rt. 34B

Ringwood Road, CR164R*, Rt. 13 to Ellis Hollow Creek Road

Salt Road, CR102, Stevens Road to Cayuga County Line

School Street, CR105S, Peruville Road to Gulf Hill Road

Searsburg Road, CR149, Schuyler County Line to Trumansburg Village Line @ Rt. 227

Sebring Road, CR133A, Rt. 13 to Test Road

Shaffer Road, CR131, Chemung County Line to Main Street

Sheffield Road, CR172, Bostwick Road to Iradell Road

Sheldon Road, CR182S*, Neimi Road to Rt. 34B

Smith Road, CR178S*, Pleasant Valley Road to West Groton Road

South Applegate Road, CR143SAP*, Bostwick Road to Rt. 79

South Danby Road, CR125, Tioga County Line to Rt. 96B

South Ellis Hollow Road, CR164SE*, Ellis Hollow Creek Road to Rt. 79

South Main Street Extension, CR169SM*, Groton Village Line to Lick Street

South Street Extension, CR136S*, Podunk Road to Trumansburg Village Line

Spring Street Extension, CR190, Cobb Street to Groton Village Line

Station Road, CR188, Rt. 34/96 to Railroad Tracks

Stevens Road, CR104, Salt Road to School Street

Swamp College Road, CR147, Podunk Road to Rt. 96

Talmadge Road, CR181T*, Townline Road to Cobb Street

Taughannock Park Road, CR143A, Falls Road to Rt. 96

Townline Road, CR181, West Road to Talmadge Road

Troy Road, CR123T*, Nelson Road to Coddington Road

Trumbulls Corners Road, CR133E*, Newfield Town Line to Rt. 327

Trumbulls Corners Road, CR113N*, Rt. 13 to Enfield Town Line

Turkey Hill Road, CR161, Rt. 366 to Ellis Hollow Road

Upper Creek Road, CR109UP*, Etna Road & Upper Creek Road Intersection to Etna Lane @ Bridge

Valley Road, CR115V*, Old Brooktondale Road to Boiceville Road

Vanbuskirk Gulf Road, CR129, Vankirk Road to Shaffer Road

Vankirk Road, CR132, Schuyler County Line to Main Street

VanOstrand Road, CR151, Rt. 34B to West Groton Road

Warren Road, CR121, Forest Home Drive to Lansing Village Line & Rt. 13 to Asbury Road

Waterburg Road, CR136W*, Rt. 79 to Podunk Road

Weatherby Road, CR183, Schuyler County Line to Black Oak Road

West Road, CR181W*, Locke Road to Townline Road

West Dryden Road, CR108WD*, Farrell  Road to Rt. 38

West Groton Road, CR100, Groton Town Line to Spring Street Ext.

West Miller Road, CR127, Comfort Road to Rt. 96B

White Church Road, CR113W*, Caroline Depot Road to Valley Road

Willow Creek Road, CR144W*, Kraft Road to Agard Road


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  Map of Municipalities and Roads in Tompkins County