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Dial 9-8-8. If there is imminent danger to anyone, dial 9-1-1
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Mental health and public health buildings side by side

THE TOMPKINS COUNTY Health and Mental Health Departments have integrated to become Tompkins County Whole Health.

OUR MISSION is to build a healthy, equitable community in Tompkins County by addressing the root causes of health disparities and integrating mental, physical and environmental health. (See the About page for more detail.)

Both locations, 201 East Green St. and 55 Brown Rd., serve clients for many Whole Health programs.

Children & Youth

RAISING a family takes a village. At Tompkins County Whole Health, we offer a variety of services to support the care of children, youth, and their families. Programs provide care and support before, during and after pregnancy. Post-partum programs provide on-going maternal health care and support children in their growth and development with options such as nutrition education and breastfeeding counseling, mental health services, speech therapy, and physical therapy. 


IMPROVING health and well-being is a cornerstone of Tompkins County Whole Health. Mental Health services for adults include one-on-one counseling support, medication assisted therapy or management, and group programs. On-site clinics provide immunizations for uninsured and underinsured adults. 

Dial 988 to speak with a counselor 24/7 whenever you or a loved one are in crisis.

Community Programs

TOMPKINS County Whole Health envisions a healthy community for all Tompkins County residents. The Health Promotion Program champions prevention measures that support a healthy lifestyle for every resident both at home and in public places through education and policy. Community health workers go directly to residents and community groups to provide on-going connection and support. Together, we can achieve community wellness.

Environmental Health Permits and Guidance

ENVIRONMENTAL Health supports the community’s overall wellness. The  EH team conducts restaurant and food safety inspections, visits public pools and summer camps to ensure they meet state safety requirements, monitors public water supplies and supervises the installation of septic systems, and regulates sale of tobacco products to reduce sale to minors. They work 24/7, responding to emergency needs such as exposure to rabies or other environmental hazards.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

TOMPKINS County Whole Health embraces the County’s vision for continued education and implementation of DEI initiatives to advance health equity. Our Community Health Improvement Plan identifies health disparities and opportunities to inform programs and services.


Recent Press Releases

Health Alert: Check for Ticks, Prevent Lyme Disease & Other Illnesses

(6/2/2023) Ticks have been reported to transmit over 7 different illnesses which can affect people of any age and Whole Health is alerting the community of the dangers of contracting Lyme Disease and other illnesses from tick bites. Because Lyme disease is caused by bacteria, re-infection can occur with any bite from an infected tick. A vaccine for Lyme disease is not currently available.

Ticks wait in vegetation and cling to animals and humans when they brush by. When spending time outdoors, take special care to prevent tick bites by following the “ABCD method:” Avoid, Bug spray, Check for ticks, Dress for prevention. For reducing the risk of Lyme disease, ticks must be removed before 36 hours have passed, however, other tick-borne diseases can be transmitted within just a few hours. Checking frequently and removing as soon as possible is essential for reducing risk of disease.

Please see the full press release for more detailed information and links related to avoiding, preventing, and responding to tick bites.

COVID-19 Update: End of Federal Public Health Emergency Funding, Implications for the Community

(5/11/2023) The Federal Emergency Declaration for COVID-19 ends on May 11, 2023. Government funding associated with the Federal Emergency Declaration covered many costs for insurance companies and healthcare providers, allowing for free vaccinations, testing services, and supplies. The end of this funding, for the general public, will primarily be reflected in changes to what your health insurance covers, such as co-pays. It is best to speak with your insurance provider to find out what the cost of a receiving a PCR test would be, or the cost of the vaccine, as different insurances will offer different options.



Events & Announcements



24小时提供帮助的紧急和危机联系方式 如果您或者您认识的人感觉需要与心理健康专家交谈:

  • 对于有生命危险的紧急情况,请拨打911
  • 全国自杀预防生命线,拨打 988(1-800-273-8255) 
  • 危机短信热线,发送HOME到741-741。 
  • 伊萨卡的自杀预防和危机服务热线,1-607-272-1616。
  • 退伍军人危机热线,为退伍军人和他们的亲人提供服务,请拨打1-800-273-8255并按1,或发送短信838255。

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