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 In Crisis? Dial 9-8-8   Veterans Crisis Line dial 988 then PRESS 1.  
 If there is anyone in imminent danger, dial 9-1-1. Additional contacts.

Lourdes “Mammo on the Move” Mobile Mammography Van
Wednesday, May 29, 10am-6pm at Tompkins County Whole Health, 55 Brown Rd., Ithaca. See below for more details.




201 East Green St. 和 55 Brown Road 这两处可为许多综合卫生计划客户提供服务。

Families, Children & Youth

RAISING a family takes a village. TCWH services support the care of children, youth, and their families. Programs provide care and support before, during and after pregnancy, and for children in their growth and development, including immunizations, nutrition education and breastfeeding support, mental health services, speech therapy, and physical therapy. 


Mental health is integral to  well-being. TCWH provides mental health services for adults, including counseling, medication assisted therapy or management, and group programs. On-site clinics provide immunizations for uninsured and underinsured adults. 

当您或亲人陷入危机时,请拨打 988 与咨询辅导员交谈(7 天 24 小时)。


Whole Health supports a healthy community for all Tompkins County residents. Our programs bring prevention measures to homes and public places through education and policy. Community health workers go directly to residents and community groups to provide on-going connection and support.


ENVIRONMENTAL Health supports overall community wellness and public safety. The Environmental Health team -inspects and issues operating permits for all food served to the public, public pools and summer camps, public water supplies and residential septic systems, clean indoor air, and tobacco retailers to prevent underage sales. They are on call 24/7, responding to emergency needs such as exposure to rabies or other environmental hazards.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

TOMPKINS County Whole Health embraces the County’s vision for continued education and implementation of DEIB initiatives to advance health equity. Our Community Health Improvement Plan identifies health disparities and opportunities to inform programs and services.



Community Visioning for Health: Let Your Voice Shape Our Vision For A Healthy Community

(ITHACA, NY, April 30, 2024) – “Community Visioning for Health” is your opportunity to provide input to the Tompkins County Community Health Improvement process (CHI Tompkins). 

Throughout the county, community visioning boards will be on display at local libraries, community centers, TCWH offices at 55 Brown Road (Ithaca) and 201 E. Green Street (downtown Ithaca), and community events. The visioning boards will be cycling through these locations until mid-May. 

In addition, TCWH will be hosting a virtual visioning session on Thursday, May 2nd, from 7pm-8pm. Please register to attend: At this event, we will share a brief overview of the CHI Tompkins process and ask community members to describe their ideal vision for the health of our community and consider the overlapping identities that make up our community. Feedback and ideas collected through visioning boards and at Community Visioning events will shape the vision statement to guide the CHI Tompkins process.  Additional details provided in the full press release.


National Infant Immunization Week: April 22 to April 29, 2024

(4/25/2024) Tompkins County Whole Health is calling attention to the importance of immunizations during this year’s National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW). NIIW runs from April 22–April 29, and serves as an annual reminder that following immunization schedules for children ages 2 years and younger is essential to protect young children from potentially life-threatening, but preventable, diseases.

TCWH Director of Community Health Services, Rachel Buckwalter, RN, BSN, stated, “Infants are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases. Every dose of every vaccine is important to protect your child and others in the community. Talk to your child’s pediatrician or other healthcare professional to make sure your child is up to date on all the vaccines they need.” Buckwalter added, "The recent increase in measles cases, mostly among unvaccinated young children, illustrates the importance of staying up to date and staying on schedule with the recommended immunizations.”

Tompkins County Whole Health offers immunization clinics every Friday through the New York State funded Vaccines for Children (VFC) program. Additional information about these clinics and eligibility is in the full press release.


Newly Launched Anti-Vaping Campaign Reminds Youth to Keep Your Focus, Not Your Fix

(4/18/2024) Over the past 5 weeks, young people in Tompkins County saw hundreds of posters featuring blurred images of everyday life changed overnight to reveal focused images of youth enjoying sports, reading, classroom activities, friends, and family – activities that can be negatively impacted by vaping and nicotine use. The poster switch-out is part of the “Keep your focus, not your fix” campaign launched earlier this year to discourage vaping and share resources for those looking to quit. The message urges youth to “save their breath” for the activities they enjoy.

Use of e-cigarettes remains prevalent among Tompkins County youth. In fact, nicotine-based vapes are shown to be one of the most used substances among middle and high school students county-wide. E-cigarettes contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical that is particularly harmful to adolescent brain development.

The anti-vaping campaign was created by Tompkins County Whole Health in partnership with Tobacco Free Zone and the Community Coalition for Healthy Youth with the goal of reducing e-cigarette use among county youth. The concept was inspired by local youth, who offered creative guidance throughout the process.

Whole Health Commissioner Frank Kruppa stated, “As our Tobacco Free Tompkins slogan has long stated, 'We cannot afford another generation of tobacco addiction.' TCWH applauds the efforts of this collaboration between TCWH, Reality Check, and the Coalition for Healthy Youth to implement this awareness campaign, developed by and for local youth.”

Additional information and statements are in the full press release.


COVID-19 Update: Conclusion of Free COVID-19 Test Kit Program in Tompkins County; Changes to COVID-19 Data Dashboard

(4/17/2024) The Tompkins County Whole Health (TCWH) free COVID-19 Test Kit Program has come to a close, as of Thursday, April 4th. Commissioner of TCWH Frank Kruppa stated, “TCWH thanks our community libraries, municipal centers and non-profits agencies for their partnership in distributing these essential resources. With their support, TCWH has distributed over 275,000 test kits to the community, free of cost, as a public safety measure.”

TCWH is also announcing a change in our COVID-19 Data Dashboard, to go into effect on Monday, April 22, 2024. Our new presentation will show the trend in positive COVID-19 tests, with data points for 7-day totals of both PCR and Antigen tests.

Additional information and important precautions are in the full press release.




Lourdes 乳腺 X 光流动检查车照片
“移动乳腺筛查车”,汤普金斯县综合卫生局的 Lourdes 乳腺 X 光流动检查车 

  • 2024 年 5 月 29 日,星期三
  • 上午 10:00 点 – 下午 6:00
  • 伊萨卡 55 East Green St. 汤普金斯县综合卫生局停车场。
  • You do not have to be a Lourdes patient. Results sent to the provider of your choice.
  • 请致电 607-798-5723 安排预约。
  • Insured and uninsured women welcome. No referral needed. 
  • 点击打开宣传单 ,了解参与资格和其他信息。

Job OpeningS:
Open seats on the Community Health Services Board. Individuals who want to become involved in mental and behavioral health issues impacting our community are encouraged to apply. More about applying for the CSB is here



24小时提供帮助的紧急和危机联系方式 如果您或者您认识的人感觉需要与心理健康专家交谈:

  • 对于有生命危险的紧急情况,请拨打911
  • 全国自杀预防生命线,拨打 988(1-800-273-8255) 
  • 危机短信热线,发送HOME到741-741。 
  • 伊萨卡的自杀预防和危机服务热线,1-607-272-1616。
  • Veterans Crisis Line, for Veterans and their loved ones, DIAL 9-8-8 then Press 1, or text 838255.
    Visit for online chat and more. 

Naloxone use and access

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