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Stay Safe this Summer

The best way to enjoy the pleasures of summer is to be prepared for heat, sun, and the outdoors. Check out these tips for getting the most out of summer fun!

Recent Flooding Could Impact Some Drinking Water Supplies

Private wells that have been flooded should be disinfected before use.
Following extensive flooding in some areas of Tompkins County in the wake of the storms of June 14, 2015, the Tompkins County Health Department (TCHD) advises county residents whose private water well supplies have been impacted by the storms to take appropriate precautions to ensure their water is safe. Click here for more information and resources.

Lyme Disease: Take Steps to Prevent It

Gardening, hiking, outside gatherings — it’s time to get outside and enjoy the season. It’s also time to take steps to prevent Lyme disease. Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection that can be transmitted to people through the bite of an infected deer tick that remains attached to the person for 36 hours or more. The time for greatest concern is late spring and early summer when nymphal ticks are active. These are small (about the size of a poppy seed) and difficult to see. Click here for the full press release. Click here for info about Lyme disease. Click here for a video about removing ticks.

Tobacco remains leading cause of preventable death in NYS

Tobacco use, poor diet, and physical inactivity resulted in more deaths than alcohol consumption, microbial agents, toxic agents, motor vehicle crashes, incidents involving firearms, and unsafe sexual behaviors combined, according to recently released data for 2012. Download the PDF.

Campaign to ImmuNYze

The Campaign to ImmuNYze all New Yorkers is an initiative of the County Health Officials of New York (NYSACHO), bringing together patients, parents, providers and campaign partners. Our goal: to heighten awareness of the need to immunize throughout life — from infancy through senior years — by offering reliable, science-based information on vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases.

For more information, visit the Campaign to ImmuNYze web site, or the TCHD Immunizations web page.

Vaccines Save Lives

The current measles outbreak that began in California highlights a problem that continues to grow in the United States — parents choosing not to vaccinate their children. Before the vaccination program started in 1963, the CDC estimates that about 3 to 4 million people got measles each year in the U.S. Of those, 400 to 500 died, 48,000 were hospitalized, and 4,000 developed encephalitis (brain swelling) from measles.
Read the full Viewpoint by Public Health Director Frank Kruppa »

Measles Factsheet »

Joint Statement on Ebola Preparations in Tompkins County

In Tompkins County, a coalition of healthcare, academic and first responders is actively developing strategies to respond in the event of a confirmed case of Ebola in Tompkins County. FULL STATEMENT»

Flu vaccinations: Everyone, Every Year!

The Health Department recommends a flu shot for everyone, every year. Visit our Seasonal Flu page for more info.

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