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GIS Maps Library - Historic

Historic Map


The following historical maps are available for free download. Interested in more historical images of Tompkins County? Have a look at the Bill Hecht Collection of scanned images of Tompkins County.


Free Historic Maps

  •   Ithaca, NY 1882 by L.R. Burleigh.  Part of an old lithograph.    
  •   Indian Episodes of NYS 1935 by Arthur C. Parker et al. Map of important Native American areas and events in New York State.   
  •   Campus of Cornell University 1928 by Ellen Edmonson. School slogans and limericks borders this interesting map of Cornell.   
  •   Map of Tompkins County 1941 by WM A Munger. Towns, incorporation, and locality centers of the time.   


History Center Maps

The following maps are from the collection of the History Center external link in Tompkins County, Ithaca, New York. Any unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited. Please contact the History Center for authorization to print the maps (please note there is a reproduction fee).