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Phòng Khám Sức Khỏe Tâm Thần

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The Mental Health Clinic provides services to all those who live, work, or go to school in Tompkins County. The clinical treatment team works with each client to develop their own plan to address their needs and uses evidence-based treatment methods to help them achieve their goals. Treatment may include individual, couples, family or group therapy modalities as well as medication support.

The clinical team includes Licensed Clinical Therapists, Registered Professional Nurses, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and Psychiatrists. Specific services include evidence-based psychotherapies for adults, children, and forensic services. Services are available on a walk-in basis to provide Comprehensive Assessments for individuals to determine mental health treatment needs and subsequent admission into Clinic services.  

Thăm Khám Cùng Ngày Không Cần Hẹn Trước thông qua cách Tiếp Cận Mở

Are you experiencing problems with mental health and want to get help now? Come during Open Access hours to begin treatment as soon as you walk in our building located at 201 East Green Street in Ithaca.  No appointment is needed.  

Please call our main office for current Walk in Same Day Open Access Hours at 607-274-6200.

Anyone who lives or works in Tompkins County is welcome to walk in, complete the intake packet, and have their initial appointment that day. Appointments are available on a first come, first serve basis. If intake slots are filled when you arrive, you will be invited to return the next day that works for you.

If you are unable to attend during these hours, please call 607-274-6200 and ask to speak with our intake coordinator, Melissa Kilanowski about scheduling a time.  

Liệu Pháp Dành Cho Người Lớn

Liệu pháp dành cho người lớn được cung cấp bằng cách sử dụng nhiều liệu pháp thực hành dựa trên bằng chứng được thiết kế đặc biệt để giải quyết nhu cầu điều trị thông qua các phương thức cá nhân, cặp vợ chồng, gia đình và nhóm. 

Services are provided by highly qualified licensed clinical therapists, registered nurses, licensed psychiatric nurse practitioners or licensed psychiatrists based on treatment needs. A treatment plan is developed with you to identify the goals you want to focus on after admission.  

Trị liệu cho trẻ em và thanh thiếu niên 

Các bác sĩ lâm sàng của chúng tôi cung cấp phương pháp điều trị cho những thanh thiếu niên và gia đình có thể đang chịu ảnh hưởng bởi các vấn đề về sức khỏe tâm thần như trầm cảm, lo lắng, hoặc sang chấn tâm lý.

  • Services are available for anyone 25 years old and under.
  • Đặt hẹn qua điện thoại hoặc đến trong giờ không cần đặt hẹn của chúng tôi.
  • Partnerships with schools allows care to be provided at many local schools. Currently services are offered at the follow locations:
    • Groton Schools
    • Dryden Schools
    • Trumansburg Schools
    • Newfield Schools
    • Boynton Middle School
    • Ithaca High School

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Additional Services of the Mental Health Clinic

Dịch Vụ Pháp Y

Forensic services are mental health services available for justice-involved individuals.

  • SOAR: Sex Offender Accountability and Responsibility is an intensive group-based treatment program for court mandated registered sex offenders.
  • EMERGE is a domestic violence psycho-education program for individuals who have been court referred.

Dịch vụ chăm sóc sức khỏe tâm thần

Licensed Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners perform evaluations and ongoing medication management.

Điều trị bằng thuốc

Medication Therapy is provided to clients who are prescribed medication and receive additional treatment support by a registered nurse. 

Long Acting Injectables

Long acting injectables and Clozaril are offered to clients with a severe mental illness. A long-acting injectable is an injection of medication for those who need help managing their medication.

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